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畢業於淡江大學建築系,榮獲傑出設計獎畢業。 具有台灣之建築師與室內設計師執照,目前為林彥穎建築師事務所之主持人與YEN Partnership Architects共同主持人,並於淡江大學、中原大學、臺北科技大學建築系兼任指導建築設計課程。在空間專業及學術教學上,目前專心致力於多樣建築及都市空間的探索,老屋翻新的計畫,企圖塑造並呈現新舊建築的各種可能性,選擇由室內空間作為介入設計的開端,但希望使台灣的都市風貌有機會由內而外的改變。 近年內多項設計作品曾受邀刊登於「室內設計」及「建築師」雜誌 並且由兩岸媒體專刊報導。2004年獲得228國家紀念公園國際競圖 設計首獎之後,其中作品於2007年2011年分別獲得TID台灣室內 設計大獎,2012年獲得中國建築藝術年輕設計師獎,並於2014年 獲得HKDA香港設計協會住宅空間獎之優秀獎。曾參與台北市捷運局中山藝文公園規劃設計,國立台灣博物館工程等重點項目。在文創領域中也試圖以多元的角度切入設計本質,目前為3+1文創聯盟共同創辦人。

Mr. Lin is the principal of Lin Yen-Ying Architects and a founding partner of YEN Partnership Architects. Mr. Lin received his Bachelor of Architecture degree with an exceptional honor of outstanding design award from Tamkang University, Taiwan. Now he is teaching at CYCU and NTUT department of architecture. In 2004, his leading design consortium won the international competition of 228 National Memorial Park. In 2012, he received Chinese Architectural Art “Young Designer Award”. Mr. Lin has lead the company receiving numerous awards, such as Taiwan Interior Design Award 2007 & 2011, and HKDA Award of Spatial Design in Residential. Lately, the works have been published in the media of Taiwan and China. Aside from professional practice, Mr. Lin also serves as active visiting critic in the Universities, hosting and giving lectures in which he shares his academic research and spatial study on exploring new possibility in architecture and urban space. He also participated several important institutional projects such as Taipei MTR Chungshan Art and Culture Park, Taiwan National Museum. Mr. Lin also plays an active role in culture and creative industry. He is one of the co-founder of 3+1 Creative and Culture league.

設計理念|Design Philosophy


YEN Partnership Architects (YPA) pursues an exceptional value from the creative process instead of profit driven design process. We are looking into the legacy that one can leave from life. Although life is always too short, a good concept and work can contribute and make a great influence to the next generation. With such a belief, we are continuously making our effort on creative and experimental projects in all aspects – not only on public institutional projects but also commercial, residential, industrial and F&B projects that are not limited to architectural as well as interior. We spend great amount of time and resources on producing 3D images, physical models, experimental objects, sculptures etc for design study to present the best possible work near perfection.